The Garden

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In this bouquet

Rustic and flower-filled, with tons of texture, The Garden is the best of outdoor summer happiness… it’s coming, we promise!

This bouquet features gorgeous multi-textured blue-purple delphiniums for wishes of “positivity” and “joy”, long-lasting purple chrysanthemums and both Matsumoto and Montecasino asters for “patience” and “charm”. 🌸 We add tons of sweet-smelling eucalyptus for a magical, garden-inspired bouquet.

Our Signature Collection

Our Signature bouquets feature the most unique, luxury flowers in season. These premium bouquets are carefully designed and hand-arranged by our bouquet makers to showcase rare flowers with incredible scents and longevity for an extra-amazing bouquet experience. They're our best, and we love them — we think you will too!

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We choose the freshest blooms to make the best seasonal bouquets — just a few at a time. We change them every 4-6 weeks!