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The Dove


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In this bouquet

 An alluring mix of unique blooms and garden-inspired textures. The star? HUGE Ice Queen Protea (one of the largest to exist!). ❄️

The Dove features one of our favourite flowers, the protea, for a unique and rustic look. We add long-lasting chrysanthemums for “friendship” and “well-wishing”, and delicate limonium and umbrella grass for texture.

Our Signature Collection

Our Signature bouquets feature the most unique, luxury flowers in season. These premium bouquets are carefully designed and hand-arranged by our bouquet makers to showcase rare flowers with incredible scents and longevity for an extra-amazing bouquet experience. They're our best, and we love them — we think you will too!

Other Available Bouquets

We choose the freshest blooms to make the best seasonal bouquets — just a few at a time. We change them every 4-6 weeks!