The Best Wedding (and event) Florals

We'd love to help make your special day even more amazing! Our styles are perfect for weddings: bouquets for brides and bridesmaids, boutonnieres/corsages for grooms and special attendees, and bouquets for centrepieces. Because we're all about great value and amazing flowers, you can choose and pre-order from the bouquets we have available during the week of your wedding - if you're not too fussy, we guarantee this will be the best florals you can get for your dollar!

Such a beautiful bouquet you made for my wedding! Thank you again… Love your bouquets, I have been using you for all my flower needs since the wedding. Keep up the good work!- Tiffany J., Winnipeg

How it works

1. When are you getting married? See what we have available and choose your bouquet.
  • Within the next 3 months? Click here to see what we have available that week!
  • At least 3 months from now? We'll have a Bright, a Pastel and a Neutral - but it will depend on the season! Click here to see what we have available now as a sample, but it will change 😊
2. How many items do you need? Plan bouquets and budget.
  • Bridal Party: We recommend a Deluxe bouquet for the bride ($69/$79) and Standard bouquets for the bridesmaids ($49/$59). They're a great size and look beautiful! All bouquets come expertly (and lovingly) hand-arranged and tied.
  • Groom's Party: We make boutonnieres that match whichever bouquet you choose! They're a great fit - and $15/each.
  • Special Guests (e.g. Parents of the Bride & Groom): We'll match a corsage/boutonniere that works with your bouquets for these special guests for $15/each.
  • Centrepieces: Our Standard bouquets ($49/$59) are a perfect fit for table centrepieces, or for decoration around the venue. They fit well in our regular height vases ($7-13) or in round rose bowls ($13), both of which we can provide.
3. Contact us! We'd love to start building a plan for you. Fill out this form with a few details and we'll get back to you ASAP.



Can I have custom flowers?
Our bridal program promise is that we'll make your flowers AMAZING - we promise. But, because we're different than a traditional florist, we're going to make your bouquets from what we have in season at the time (the bouquet style you choose), and we're limited to the styles of bouquets above. If you want any custom styles or flowers, we're not the right fit for you…only if you want amazing blooms based on what's in season 😊
Do you arrange the bouquets, or are they just raw flowers?
Our expert team carefully (and lovingly) arranges every bouquet every morning. That means your bouquets will be in amazing shape when they arrive to you. All you need to do is put them in vases, or pick them up and hold them! The bouquets will be tied with twine: if you want to add ribbon, that's a fun DIY which works nicely 😊

Other questions? Reach out to us at or 1-888-611-6651 and we'll make it happen!