Today is our very 1st birthday!

We're SO proud to be celebrating Callia's 1st birthday today. In 12 months, we've gone from a one-woman shop to a full team across 4 cities, with incredible partners (and customers) along the way. We're so grateful for all of you who understand why we do this: making more amazing moments of connection between real people. 

We love you all!
xo Catherine

Send a Bouquet and get a FREE 2nd Bouquet!

We promise, year 2 is going to be AMAZING. And as a quick way to show that, we're offering a 2-for-1 bouquet special, FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS ONLY. Offer expires at midnight on Thursday, August 17. 

Send a bouquet to someone you like, and in the confirmation email, we'll send you a promo code to get a 100% FREE ORDER -- but you've also got to place that order in the next 48 hours! Click here to send a bouquet to get your free code. 

*Don't try and place two orders in the same cart!*

P.S. Bonus points if you use your free bouquet to send for a Birthday as well, Birthdays on birthdays on birthdays!