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We're the new, best experience sending flowers.

We send flowers in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Greater Vancouver from you to those you care about. But it's more than that: we're on a mission to add more moments of pure delight in everyday lives. That quick rush of breath when you open a package and realize that someone wanted to make you feel special. That's a Callia moment (#thisCalliamoment) and we love making them happen.  

Why buy from Callia?

Saves Time
5 clicks online and done!
No lineups
No telephone calling
No grocery stores
Luxury Experience
Luxury bouquets + luxury packaging.
Premium packaging
Instagram worthy: #thiscalliamoment
Best Quality
Farm Fresh, $49!
Unquestionable freshness
Lasts for weeks


Do you do same-day deliveries?

We accept same-day orders in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Greater Vancouver (not Calgary, sorry!) on Monday-Friday until 12pm Central Time (11am Mountain Time and 10am Pacific Time). If it's a commercial address we'll get them delivered by 4pm; residential addresses may be slightly later. 


When will my order be delivered?

Our standard delivery is between 12pm and 4pm on the day you request (Monday-Friday). In Calgary, we deliver between 3pm and 6pm. If you need an earlier time (e.g. must arrive by 2pm), we can accommodate -- just make a note in the Delivery Notes on your order. If the recipient isn't home at the time we deliver, we'll leave them with a neighbour and leave a note where they're being held. 

How much is delivery? 

Delivery rates are $4-9 in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Greater Vancouver. We'll prompt you at check-out so you know exactly what to expect. 


Do you do custom bouquets? Weddings? 

We're focused on making more real moments of connection happen between people, which means we only offer limited time, seasonal bouquets of the freshest flowers. We don't feature out-of-season flowers or guarantee any custom bouquets, because then we can't get you the best-quality, freshest flowers at the best price. 


How are your bouquets different from the grocery store? Are you like 1-800-Flowers or Teleflora?

We source the freshest, highest grade flowers from the farm for you ourselves. That means they're better flowers, all around: they're fresher (haven't been sitting in a cooler for weeks) and better quality (think 15 petals on a rose instead of 8).  Every day, we get customers exclaiming about the quality and longevity of our blooms. We also don't farm out our orders to other local florists — this is a Callia process, end to end, so you can trust us to do it right. 

watch the luxury of callia unboxing!

See the luxury Callia bouquet-in-a-box that's the only one in Canada. Watch the excitement grow as layers of pink and blue reveal your message and beautiful bouquet. We hear "Wow, are these from L.A.?!" That's a Callia moment!