Callia's Corporate Holiday Gifting Program

Looking for a unique way to thank your best customers with custom messaging, a special experience and a price tag that won't break the bank? 



Each order includes:

  • Hand-tied Callia bouquet, made locally by our team on the morning of delivery
  • Custom message (individual for each bouquet) inside a full-size Warmest Wishes greeting card
  • Complete Callia package, including Arrive Alive water and foam, an insulated box, and liquid flower food.


$36 $41 $45 $49
Number of Bouquets 25+ bouquets 15-24 bouquets 5-14 bouquets 1-4 bouquets
Discount Save 25% Save 17% Save 8% Regular Price

* - Price is before tax and delivery charges. Tax rate is region specific, and delivery charges is location dependent. Please submit this form and we will contact you with the exact charge.