Our story

Our story

A few years ago, my best friend got promoted. I wanted to send her flowers to celebrate but I was super busy and it seemed really difficult to do. The whole situation frustrated me and I ended up just texting her “Congrats!” (brutal, I know.) 🤦‍♀️

I hated that I just sent a text, and I knew there had to be an easier way to send flowers... and so Callia was born. It started as a side hustle to my full-time career. Many evenings and weekends, I spent hours trying to code a website, putting Callia stickers on boxes, and delivering bouquets to my friends and family (our only customers in the early days 🤓). Eventually, this little part-time side gig became more.

I’m so, so proud of the work our incredibly hard-working team does to help you make moments of delight for your family, friends, and colleagues in dozens of cities across our great country. I’m humbled and beyond grateful for your continued support: we have THE BEST customers! 💗⁣